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When your little one starts getting the sniffles, our Sniffle Stopper products will help clear their noses.  The essential oil blend used in these products are perfect to help clear the sniffles from younger kids, but safe enough for their sensitive bodies.  The chest rub is a perfect cream to help clear their airways.  The chest bar is a solid lotion bar, perfect for a more clean application.  The inhaler is perfect for on the go to keep in the car, in their bags, or just for a quick sniffle relief.  The shower steamers are great for at night, and the mixture between the steam from the shower and the steamer makes for a great combination to help clear away the sniffles. If your child still prefers baths, we have a bubble bath and a solid soap bar that would work great.  The essential oils used in these are recommended for kids ages 2 and up, as kids younger than 2 are still pretty sensitive.

Sniffle Stopper

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